Oper 4.0 – A pinnacle of classical and baroque performance practice

Le Nozze die Figaro


SEPTEMBER 23, 2017

Palma de Mallorca, "Live"


Musical Director

Giuliana Retali

Artistic Director

Deda Cristina Colonna


Camerata Mallorquina


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Oper 4.0 - a rethinking and re-staging of the opera experience: immediate, integral, emotional.

Feedback about Oper 4.0


‘Singing and music come together to form a previously unheard of unity, performed with greatest precision and comprehensibility.’


Arend Prohmann, 2014

longstanding producer and recording manager for leading record labels including Deutsche Grammaphon and Decca.



‘It is fascinating how in Mozart’s music of emotional turmoil the range of orchestral colours coalesce to form a painting in pastel hues.’ 


Ches Themann, 2014

Opera producer

The vision of Oper 4.0 has been brought to life by the Italian conductor Giuliana Retali, whose spirited and feisty conducting has at its core her comprehensive instrumental training in baroque and early music.